Sellers Inspection

Are you preparing your home to place it on the market?  Most informed buyers will probably have a third party inspection performed on your home prior to closing.  An inspection will almost always reveal the need for some deficiencies to be corrected before the buyers move forward on the purchase of the house.  This could place you, as the seller, in a position to do some quick, hasty repairs to meet time constraints of the sales contract, which could cost considerably more than if you had time to do the repairs in a leisurely manner.  Getting your home inspected before you put it on the market will help eliminate these kinds of surprises and could save a lot of money on repair costs.

A pre-listing inspection is also a great sales tool.  Having a pre-sales inspection performed will ensure the potential buyers that you are concerned about their interest in the transaction and will give them more confidence to complete the purchase.

A pre-listing inspection gives you the ability to list your home with confidence.  It can also relieve considerable stress for you and your family during the sales process and buyers inspection should they choose to have one performed.  They may not order an inspection if you have already provided one for them. This could greatly streamline the process and create plenty of goodwill.